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Corporate Wellness

A healthier, happier team? Yes please!
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We've all heard the stats and horror stories about workplace stress. And we've probably all felt it. 

In case you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know that workplace stress is the biggest cause of lost team hours - resulting in millions of lost work days and affecting around 1.8m people at any given moment. 

Corporate wellness programmes aim to counter office stress - resulting in healthier, happier staff who know their wellbeing is valued. Win-win!

Aside from the obvious benefits of helping your workforce better manage stress, workplace wellness can foster a sense of cohesion and community, making the offiece somewhere employees look forward to visiting. And who doesn't love a smiling team?

Choose from weekly, monthly or ad hoc corporate wellness packages incorporating yoga, breathwork and stress busting techniques designed to bring a bit of balance to the working day.​​

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What can I expect?

Sessions are led by me, a yoga teacher from a corporate background.


Why is this important? Because I know about the impact of stress on work life AND have lots of practice in helping people feel their most balanced, best selves.

Corporate wellness sessions offer your team scheduled time to press pause on busy office life, learn tips to counteract stress and be guided in gentle movement to help release tension stored in the body.

You choose from weekly Pause for Yoga sessions, monthly Calm Sessions, or ad hoc packages which are ideal for your team building or away days. 

Corporate Wellness Programmes

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