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New Monthly Membership Perk

From now until the end of yoga, monthly members will now have the added perk of discounted events - some are even free!

Sound good?

So what's the deal? Some events, like our Yoga and Social and The Magic of Yin, will be absolutely free, others will be heavily discounted - up to 50% off Embracing Deep Rest and our Well Woman Workshop.

It's my way of saying thank you for investing in yourselves and in my little yoga business.

The small print

The offer's open to anyone who's been on a plan for 6 months. Joined more recently? You can still get the offer. You'll have to stay on the plan for 6 months or pay the difference for the discounted/free events if you cancel before the 6 month mark.

The offer is on events that I run solo. Unfortunately I can't offer it for jointly hosted events.

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