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What's this new Vinyasa Flow?

You might have noticed name of our 7.30pm Power Yoga has changed to Vinyasa Flow. So what's the deal?

While some of you loved our Power Flow class, some of you found it a little too challenging. So we've mixed it up! This new class will meet you in the middle, giving you a chance to really build strength, improve flexibility and quieten your mind.

Vinyasa Flow will be an energising and strength building class, combining breath and movement in quicker sequences than our Hatha Flow - meaning you should leave feeling like you've worked your body. As well as working and stretching our muscles, we'll slow our breath right down to calm our minds and finish with a few minutes of stillness to allow our bodies to fully rest.

Who's the class for? Anyone who's practiced yoga before or adventurous beginners. It's a faster flowing class which means you'll build your fitness with weekly classes. I'll offer different options so it's suitable for almost everyone (please get in touch if you're not sure).

For those of you who love working on trickier balances, transitions and binds, we've got a new monthly Yoga Playtime. Running every 4 weeks from 5th Feb, this is an hour and a half of strong, playful vinyasa, with plenty of tips and guidance for anyone wanting to progress their practice.

The stronger element of the class will be towards the end, so you can get your weekly Vinyasa Flow without the playtime, if that's your jam. If you're on a monthly Vinyasa Class Pass, you can access this class for free!

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